Buddy L. Collins, 81, of Vivian, Louisiana, who retired to Danville and Somerset, Kentucky, died peacefully at Ephraim McDowell Medical Center in the early hours of February 18 after a long, hard struggle with cancer.

In 1991, following a pessimistic initial diagnosis, he underwent experimental treatment at the University of Cincinnati that resulted in a lengthy productive remission which Buddy once observed made life from then on “pure profit, every day.” This realization did not in any way prevent him from being a consummate griper.

The last surviving member of his nuclear family of origin, Buddy leaves his wife Wanda; daughter Diana; sons David and Daniel; honorary daughter Monica; much-beloved grandsons Andrew, Hunter, Alex, Trevor and Jacob; dear great-grandchildren Layla and Pierce; and a doted-on cat, called, in a spectacular failure of imagination, Kitty Cat. Buddy considered being the primary daytime caretaker for Trevor in his infancy his greatest success.

Much heartfelt gratitude to Dr. John Rinehart at the Lexington VA Medical Center who left no stone unturned as he searched for life-extending and enhancing treatments. During his last months, Buddy would often say “I am so glad he never gives up on me.” Buddy had fond memories of his travels in the US Navy as a seaman and aviator in his youth, and of his ramblings as a private pilot in later life. At the all you can eat buffet, there was never enough fried catfish for Buddy’s liking. He hopes that alongside his dear departed, there are several dogs and one particular powder blue 1956 T-bird waiting for him in the sweet hereafter. And he is sorry to be out exploring the universe–top down, Hotel California blasting from the radio–before he found out who the 2016 GOP nominee will be.

Visitation at the Southern Oaks Funeral Home in Somerset on Saturday, February 27 at 1 pm, followed by a memorial service at 2:00.

In lieu of flowers please do an unexpected act of kindness for an unfortunate person or dog, and eat some extra spicy fried chicken in his memory.