Southern Oaks Cemetery

We are proud to say that Southern Oaks Funeral Home is the only funeral home in the Somerset area that offers a cemetery on the same location.


Southern Oaks Cemetery1Why Choose Southern Oaks Cemetery?

  • Single or double lots available
  • A certificate of rights of ownership given with each plot
  • Attendants furnished at each funeral service
  • Uniform appearance of each section
  • Accurate and permanent records kept, giving number and location of each grave
  • Outer container required for every grave
  • Office located on ground.
  • Family has option of up right or flat monument
  • Non-sectarian, every creed welcome
  • Percentage of each plot sold goes into reserve for future care
  • Large 18 foot wide roadway.
  • Each garden section marker with signage
  • Each monument has concrete footer required
  • No additional charge for opening and closing grave on weekends, holidays or overtime. ($750.00)
  • 30 acres of future growth for cemetery
  • Caretaker over upkeep of grounds
  • Regular mowing and up keeping of grounds.

Southern Oaks Cemetery

2110 West Highway 914 (Oak Hill Community)
Somerset, KY. 42503  – 606.679.6257

Southern Oaks Precious Pet Cemetery

Southern Oaks Funeral Home also recognizes the strength of the bond between humans and pets. A loss of a beloved pet can be just as devastating as a loss of a human friend. We understand the magnitude of the anguish a pet owner feels when losing a pet and this is why we offer a peaceful final resting place just for our beloved pets.

For More Information, Please Contact:
Richard D. New at 606.679.6257

2110 West Hwy. 914
Somerset, Kentucky 42503