Burial and Cremation Services

“The grave is but a covered bridge, leading from light to light, through a brief darkness.”


burial_thumbnailThe manner by which the remains of a loved one would be laid to eternal rest often depends on the wishes of the deceased or the family’s personal preference. Whether you choose a burial or cremation, the dedicated professionals at South Oaks Funeral Home will make sure your loved one’s unique life is meaningfully remembered.

Earth Burial is the traditional way of taking care of the remains of a loved one. It would be the choice for families who want to erect a monument, or a grave marker, a thing or a place of eternal rest that they can visit. Although burials are more expensive than cremation, many still opt for it because of the incomparable amount of comfort it gives knowing that they have somewhere to go to visit their loved one. Moreover, many still find the biological process of decomposition as being more pleasant and respectful than the often seen as repulsive and artificial process of cremation. If you choose for your loved one to be buried, Southern Oaks Funeral Home can take care of the whole burial service. We are proud to be the only funeral home in the Somerset area to have its own cemetery, the Southern Oaks Cemetery.

Some tend to be more practical and favor cremation over burial. Cremation is the perfect choice for people who want a simpler and flexible manner of memorialization. It saves ground space and does not add up to the public health concerns. Cremation are also cost-effective as there will be no need to pay for embalming and for a casket. The only thing that you’ll need is a cremation urn to hold the cremated remains inside. If you prefer cremation, Somerset, KY Southern Oaks Funeral Home, together with a cremation planning arrangement center, will arrange the service for you.


Southern Oaks Funeral Home Burial and Cremation Services

Cremation Somerset KY
Cremation Somerset KY
Cremation Somerset KY

Veterans Memorial Services

If your loved one is a veteran, he or she can receive a military funeral. Our experienced funeral professionals will handle most of the arrangements needed to set-up the military funeral. We will arrange the funeral according to your requests. You may request to have a United States flag to drape the burial casket or accompany the cremation urn. You may also request for a government headstone and a Presidential Memorial Certificate. Please be prepared to provide a proof of the veteran’s eligibility.

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