Plan Ahead


plan ahead thumbnailPre-planning not only gives you a peace of mind. It also serves as a thoughtful gesture to your loved ones by not burdening them with the task to make difficult decisions in regard to your funeral. Moreover, by pre-planning your own funeral, you can have your final wishes known to your loved ones.

Southern Oaks Funeral Home can help with your pre-planning process. We have a Funeral Cost Estimator tool which you can use as a guideline to help estimate your final expenses. Using only minimal personal information from you, and depending on the services you select, the Funeral Cost Estimator can give you a pretty good estimate of your funeral and burial costs.




Step 1
Choose the type of service
you want and customize
it with options.

Step 2
Select merchandise such as a casket or urn.

Step 3
Add personal information.

Step 4
Get detailed pricing for
your services.