Ray Evans March 31, 1954–August 13, 2017.  I was preceded in death by my parents Walter Jackson Evans and Ella Skeens Evans as well as my brother, Carl Evans. Also preceding me were my paternal and maternal grandparents. I am survived by my loving wife, Trina Frye Chirico Evans and our precious and faithful companion, Lilliana, our 3.5 year old Yorkshire terrier.  Also surviving me are my two wonderful children by my first marriage , Lisa( Miranda) of Ann Arbor , Ml. and Ryan Michael of Richmond, VA., Three step children, Frank Chirico , Joshua (Audra) Chirico and Justin Chirico . I was blessed with and am survived by two granddaughter s Brianna and Eliana, and one step

Granddaughter, Natalie Gianna Chirico. I am also survived by two sisters, Joan (Charles) Piercey of Paintsville, KY and Barbara (Cheryl) Evans of Coventry, CN, and one half-brother, Bernard (Edith) Frye of Sterling, OH.  Also surviving are my mother- in- law, Dorothy Frye of Logan, WV, two sisters and brothers-in law and several aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.

My story is full of events that are rich in kind and personal accounts of life in a small town in Logan County, W.Va. was a Switzer boy that started work as a paper boy when I was 11 years old. I developed several great friends over the years during my childhood. I want to thank each and every one of them for that friendship. Upon graduating from Logan High School, I entered the Military (USAF) to get special training and a promise of 4 years of college paid for by the G.I. Bill. While in the Military I was both stateside and overseas during my 4 years of service. I made more great friends from all over the world that have remained to my passing. I still saluted all of you and thought about each of you often.  When I returned to civilian life in 1976, I entered college with many younger students that had just finished High School.  I felt like a duck out of water at first, but adjusted to complete a 5 year program in three and one half years. BS degree, and 6 months later a BBA degree. I was so in to learning, I continued my advanced college work, achieving an MBA. This was most difficult, working full time, driving a great distance to and from college while being a devoted father to my two young children.

I started work in the government in 1976 and got some great experience while working on my education, it was difficult but well worth the effort.  Never did I think I would advance to a great Executive level within the Department of Justice, but I did and was very proud of many difficult years of working with so many people and learning from each one along the way. Many of us retired with 30 plus years of service around the same time. Yes, I became an official old Geezer.

During my high school years I met and dated Trina Frye, we had dreams of getting married. If you ever watch the movie the Notebook, you will better understand this period of time. The separation years, were difficult for me. Our lives went in different directions. I can never state how happy I was to renew that relationship when God brought us back to each other in 2010. Life has never been better. To experience true love is a gift that only God can and did provide for me.  I am so thankful for this special time, I will miss my loving wife Trina more than words can ever describe. I am hoping I will have a special assignment in God’s Kingdom when I arrive. It is my hope I see all of you again when you arrive. To all of my family, friends and humans in general, I hope I lived up to your expectations, and if  I ever did anything to  get cross with you,  please forgive me.  We humans have many weakness and short comings, but we also have lot s of love and compassion.

 I want all of you to understand, my final wish is to be cremated. My battle with Small Cell Lung Cancer has come to an end. I gave it a good fight, but after being cleared of it twice, it came back in three new places. I would especially like to thank Vanderbilt University Cancer Center and Dr. York and all the staff for their wonderful care and compassion throughout my treatment.

Enjoy all that you have each day, give Praise and thanks to Jesus, guide and raise your family to be strong for our Father and his work in the Human world . My wife will need your support to make a special tribute to me through the sharing of love and pictures. A happy time will make me smile from above.

My final Chapter is goodbye to all, you have played a part in how I was able to have a wonderful life, parents and family, great kids, grand kids and best of all the best wife for me on this planet. 

A Graveside Memorial Service will take place on Saturday August 19, 2017 at 11 A.M. at Highland Memory Garden, Logan County, West Virginia with Rev. Bruce Lee Officiating.

Southern Oaks Funeral Home Entrusted with the Arrangements.