James (Jim) Arthur Donaldson, age 90, peacefully passed away on November 25th at his Dunnville home surrounded by loved ones.  He was preceded in death by his wife, Virginia R. (Rausch) Donaldson.

He is survived by his children Carol J. Donaldson, Kate Donaldson, Samantha Donaldson (Mark), James Donaldson and Patrick Donaldson (Tammy).  His grandchildren James J. Donaldson, Michael Donaldson (Rebecca), Cheryl Donaldson and Nicole Mitchell (Brian).  His great grandchildren Michael Donaldson Jr. and Christopher Donaldson.

Known as “Jimmy” to his brothers and sisters, he is survived by his brother and sister-in-law David and Mona Donaldson and his brother-in-law Don Jarvis. He is predeceased by his parents James D. Donaldson and Mable Irene (Skinner) Donaldson and his brothers and sisters and their spouses, William Donaldson, Charles Donaldson, Ted and Marie Donaldson, Ellen and Bud Holland and Norma Jarvis.

Jim was born on Tobin Island in Canada on November 6, 1926. When he was a young lad, he and his siblings helped their mother add a second story to the house although it was amazing it was ever built as he and his brothers were always into mischief. During WWII when he was 14 years old, he forged a birth certificate and joined the Canadian army and was placed in the medical corp. He was due to ship out when it was discovered his birth certificate was a forgery and he was sent home. The following year his mother signed a form that allowed him to serve in the military. As a young man he worked at many jobs including for the railroad, in the ice house, gardener and being a chauffeur. His employer Mr. Irwin Miller asked Jim to come and work in the United States for him. During the time of employment with Mr. Miller, Jim found out he was going to be drafted into the United States army.

Jim took matters into his own hands and joined the Air Force where he served for 23 years. Jim traveled the world as a United States Air Force aircraft mechanic for the Strategic Air Command. His family frequently did not know where he was due to the type of aircraft he worked on (SR-71 and fighters). He served in WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Jim retired in 1973 as a Senior Master Sergeant and went to work for the Civil Service repairing aircraft engines.

During his time in the military and civil service he worked part time jobs around his full time work schedule.  One of the part time jobs enjoyed the most was game warden in the Spenceville Wildlife area. Jim was a firm believer in education. He took college classes throughout his life and encouraged his children and grandchildren to obtain a good education.

Jim made many friends all over the world, he would talk to people anytime and anywhere. He was known among all that if you needed help, he would be there. Jim was also well known for his enjoyment of a good prank and play many a trick on people.  Most people knew him for his positive attitude, his willingness to help and the ability to see through problems to a solution.

His loves were many, his family came first and foremost. He also loved photography, gardening, pranks, traveling, meeting people, dogs and eventually cats, nature and the outdoors.  He was rarely still.

He passed along to his children his work ethic, his integrity and his never give up attitude.

He will be missed.